Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Can't Take Kids Out of Country Amid Divorce

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Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have agreed they will NOT take their kids outside the New York City area for now … this, just days after Sophie filed legal docs saying her intention was taking the kids to the UK for good.

Both Joe and Sophie agreed to a temporary consent agreement and filed it with a federal judge.

sophie turner joe jonas

As we reported, Joe and Sophie are locked in a legal battle over custody. Sophie went to federal court last week, citing a child abduction law and claiming Joe refused to turn over the passports of their 2 kids. She claimed they had an agreement the kids would live in the UK.

Joe countered, saying a Florida court said the kids could not be removed from the U.S., thus setting up a legal battle.

The agreement they made is not binding on a U.S. judge. The North Star in determining custody is what is in the best interests of the children.

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