Nicki Minaj Convinces Soulja Boy to Ease Off His J. Cole Disses

Nicki Minaj is swooping in like a crisis negotiator — or some sorta rap whisperer — to put an end to Soulja Boy‘s reign of internet rants at J. Cole … even convincing the “Crank Dat” rapper to apologize.

ICYMI, SB totally blew his top over Cole bringing his name up as a prime example of someone with much different taste in hip hop music than himself.

Cole told Lil Yachty, SB’s music once went against everything he stood for as an artist, but would listen to his music in mixed company … a statement Soulja took as disrespect — that is, until Nicki convinced him it wasn’t.

Nicki joined SB’s IG live stream Monday — as his Twitter fingers were sending brutal tweets at Cole — and managed to calm him down.

She never showed her face on the stream, but stressed the importance of Soulja having real love in his life outside the internet, but more importantly, pointed out Cole was giving him props, and his temper tantrum was misguided.

Soulja eventually took Nicki’s advice, and told Cole he was sorry for taking the soundbite out of context. BTW, thousands of his fans told him the same thing, but hey … Nicki broke through, and now we have a cease-fire.

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