Mom reveals shortlist of names for her baby, people say the 'pasta jokes will be relentless' & that's not the only issue | The Sun

A MOM-TO-BE has shared her unique list of names for her upcoming bundle of joy, but not everyone was a fan.

People said the "pasta jokes will be relentless" for one of the baby names, and that's only the first problem.

Reddit user Bluepearlwest (u/Bluepearlwest) posted on the platform asking for rare names for baby girls.

They shared it on the popular Reddit group Name Nerds, which is a "community for those interested in names."

The pregnant woman wrote that she was looking for girl names that aren't very popular where she lives in Central America.

"I am mostly looking for English names, but I am fine with Spanish, French, Scandinavian, or any other names using the English alphabet," she added.

The mother listed some of the names that she "enjoys" at the bottom of the post.

They were Lenora, Elvira, Zilpha, Alfreda, Deianira, Fernanda, Eulalia, Kezziah, Lilibet, and Wilhelmina.

Lenora is similar to Lenor which is a popular laundry product in the UK.

Not everyone was a fan of many of her choices, so they took to the comments to offer their two cents.

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One person commented: "Please don’t use Alfreda. The pasta jokes will be relentless."

"So you're saying there are unlimited pastabilities for noodle jokes?" a Reddit user replied.

Another wrote: "I don’t know if kids today still read the Redwall series, but Eulalia will always be a Badger war cry for me, which is super bada** but not for a name."

"Some of these names will be a nightmare. Deianira and Eulalia are borderline cruel. You can keep it simple and it still be unique," someone chimed in.

The post received almost 1,000 comments and counting in only two days.

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