Super easy air fryer chocolate pies take just five minutes to make

Chocolate pies aren’t the most popular dessert to make from scratch, partly because they take so long to make.

But with this cheat recipe by TikTok food blogger Eloise Head (@fitwaffle), the mini sweet treats can be made in just five minutes.

What’s more, the air fryer formula requires just three ingredients and very little preparation.

The toast pies are stuffed with Nutella and brushed with egg for a crispy, pastry-like case.

Sharing a video on her TikTok account, Eloise claimed that the chocolate treats are “super easy and delicious”.

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  • Two slices of white bread
  • Two tablespoons of Nutella or chocolate spread
  • One egg, beaten

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To prepare the mini pies, start by laying the two slices of white bread on top of one another and neatly cut off the crusts.

Press down the middle of the squares by applying pressure with the thumb to create a slight indent where the chocolate spread will sit.

Fill with a generous helping of chocolate spread and repeat on the second slice of bread.

Brush the edges of the bread with the egg wash then fold the bread in half width-wise to form a small pie-like shape.

Seal the edges with a fork by pressing in some indentations and brush the top with some more egg was.

Place in the air fryer for five minutes at 180C or until “crisp and golden”.

Eloise recommended drizzling the finished pies with a little melted chocolate spread and a dusting of icing sugar.

She said: “And that’s it! This would also taste amazing with Biscoff.”

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