The real ‘Molly’s Game’: Inside Tobey Maguire’s high-stakes underground poker ring

Tobey Maguire wanted to take down Hollywood.

Back in 2005, the “Spider-Man” star collaborated with a card cheat-turned-TV producer named Houston Curtis to create a regular poker game for themselves and their rich pals where as much as a few million bucks could be in play on any night.

The alleged goal, according to Curtis’s new book, “Billion Dollar Hollywood Heist” (Skyhorse Publishing, co-authored with Dylan Howard): for Maguire and Curtis to win as much as possible from their hand-picked suckers.

Until everything crashed down hard, they pulled it off, putting together the biggest game that Hollywood has ever seen. On Tuesday nights from 2005 until 2009, bold-faced names — including Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio and “The Notebook” director Nick Cassavetes — flocked to The Viper Room or Beverly Hills Four Seasons Hotel to play.

The stakes were so high, Curtis told The Post, that “winning $20,000 felt like ­losing.”

If the story sounds familiar, that’s because it inspired the 2018 movie “Molly’s Game,” starring Jessica Chastain as Molly Bloom, the former Olympic-class skier who was the hostess of the operation — and who later would be arrested on gambling-related charges tied to a game she ran in New York City.

But, Curtis writes, neither the movie nor Bloom’s own memoir tells the true story of the LA game.

Curtis claims Bloom was not the mastermind she purported to be and that she was primarily there to deflect attention so that he and Maguire could win millions without spooking their pals.

“Molly had nothing to do with anything,” Curtis said. “Initially, she just served drinks and we gave her numbers to call the guys.”

“The guys” included billionaires who had everything but fame. Celebrities were brought in to add glamour and, occasionally, serve as collateral damage.

Rich men went home with their pockets light of cash but full of stories. Like the time film producer Rick Salomon — infamous for starring in a sex tape with Paris Hilton — grilled Affleck about Jennifer Lopez, the actor’s former fiancée.

“Did [her] ass have cellulite on it or was it nice?” Salomon asked.

The table was stunned into silence ­before Affleck replied: “It was nice.”

Curtis met Maguire at a 2004 poker game in Los Angeles. Unbeknownst to Maguire, Curtis had a long career as a sleight-of-hand expert, scamming high-stakes games in LA.

When Maguire invited Curtis to the actor’s Hollywood Hills home for a game — in which players included lawyer Jon Moonves and billionaire scion Kevin Washington — Curtis played it straight and was careful not to win too much.

“Or else I’d never be invited again,” he said. “I dumped chips to guys who played badly and would lose them back.”

Serving as the dealer was Maguire’s then-wife, Jen Meyer. The actor pressed guests to tip Meyer, a successful jewelry designer who is also the daughter of Ron Meyer, a former Hollywood power agent and now the vice-chairman of NBCUniversal.

“He wanted to make her feel included,” said Curtis. “At the end of the night, she could count her profits alongside Tobey — who almost always won.”

But Maguire wasn’t comfortable having players in his house. Worried about germs, he purportedly made them leave their shoes at the door and wear Crocs that he provided.

“Kevin Washington chewed tobacco and spit into a cup; Tobey hated that,” said Curtis. “And, since Tobey was a vegan, it really bothered him when people ordered pepperoni pizzas. He said to me, ‘Dude, I have to get these scumbags out of my house.’ ”

(A representative for Washington had no comment.)

So in 2005, the game moved to The Viper Room, the Sunset Strip nightclub where River Phoenix fatally overdosed in 1993.

Maguire and Curtis arranged things with club co-owner Darin Feinstein.

“He said, ‘I’ll have a poker room set up downstairs and get a hot piece of ass named Molly to serve drinks,’” Curtis said of their introduction to Bloom, then an employee of Feinstein’s.

“Poker was blowing up big and we found young, wealthy guys who wanted to play with Tobey,” said Curtis. “They didn’t even know how to shuffle a deck of cards.”

Maguire quickly enlisted one of his best friends, Leonardo DiCaprio, as a lure.

“Tobey said that he and I would have to stake Leo,” recalled Curtis, meaning they would put up cash for DiCaprio to play, covering his losses but also getting a share of his winnings.

“[DiCaprio] is a guy worth $80 million and he didn’t want to put up the $5,000 buy-in. But Tobey said, ‘Don’t worry. He only plays aces and kings.’ And he did. Leo was tighter than a gnat’s ass.”

One night, Matt Damon came as a guest of his buddy Affleck.

“He lost around $50,000 to me and didn’t have any money [on him],” Curtis recalled. “Affleck wrote the check.”

(Reps for Maguire, Meyer, Affleck, Damon and DiCaprio did not return requests for comment. Bloom had no comment.)

“Joker” director Todd Phillips was a regular.

“But when we went to $200/$400 blinds” — making it a no-limit poker game in which you could easily lose six figures per night — “Todd backed off for a while. Some people just didn’t have the stomach for those stakes.”

Two who did were Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberté and hedge-fund manager Brad Ruderman. Curtis said that Ruderman was so inept and so rich that he was considered “a godsend.” Laliberté was also valued.

“The first time I won a quarter-million dollars was Guy’s first night in the game,” said Curtis, adding that the circus impresario invited the poker crew to fly with him to Hawaii.

“One morning, a bunch of guys took him up on it. They beat him for like $2 million [in Hawaii] and he flew them back on his jet.”

He tried making [Bloom] bark like a seal [for $1,000].

(Laliberté did not return requests for comment.)

Curtis estimates he won around $15 million during the game’s four years. He, his wife and their two daughters lived in a $3 million LA home. He bought a dream house for his mother, a musical-instrument store for his dad and a dojo for his old karate teacher.

Curtis came to consider Maguire a good friend. He also glimpsed the star’s petty side.

Curtis alleges in the book that Maguire hated seeing Bloom taking home as much as $30,000 in tips per night. He told The Post that the actor “tried making her bark like a seal [for a $1,000 chip]. She wouldn’t do it — but he still gave her a thousand that night. One-thousand dollars was his insult tip.”

But by 2008, Curtis was enduring a trifecta of problems: The value of his $3 million home had dipped by two-thirds, a $4 million TV-distribution deal went south and he had lost $100,000 in Las Vegas. Then he suffered the biggest loss of his gambling career: $1 million in a single, terrible night at The Four Seasons.

That morning, heading home on autopilot, Curtis received a call from Maguire: “He said he wanted to make sure I wasn’t driving off a cliff. I walked into my house, my daughter ran up to me, and I literally broke into tears.”

Despite his earnings, the million-dollar debt was more than he could afford.

Maguire agreed to loan him $600,000. Curtis offered to pay back the principal and then give Maguire 10 percent of his winnings for the next year.

“I thought that was reasonable,” said Curtis. Maguire, who, according to unnamed sources in the book’s introduction, “could have made up to $30 to $40 million from the games” had ­reportedly earned $36.5 million plus back-end earnings on the “Spider-Man” franchise, thought otherwise. He wanted his principal plus 50 percent of Curtis’s wins and no downside.

“The deal was impossible to overcome,” said Curtis. But with no better option, he agreed to it. He owed $500,000 to Salomon and the same sum to a few other players.

With the deal done, Curtis writes, ­Maguire joyfully shouted, “I own you now! And I’m gonna make sooo much f–king money this year at poker!”

It didn’t work out that way.

Months later, in April 2009, “godsend” Ruderman got busted for running his hedge fund as a Ponzi scheme. That led to bankruptcy attorneys going after players to recover his ill-gotten gains, and the game imploded.

Bloom was deposed in the bankruptcy case, but nobody was arrested as a result of the LA game since no laws had been broken. (Independently, Bloom was sentenced to a year’s probation, a $200,000 fine and 200 hours of community service for gambling-related infractions in NYC.)

Curtis’s wife moved with their kids to the East Coast. Creditors placed a lien on his home. He went into cardiac arrest during a biopsy. And an unpaid debt at a Las Vegas casino landed him in the LA County jail for a month.

Broken, beaten and abandoned, Curtis received a lifeline of $15,000 from Moonves and found a ride to Illinois, where he went to live with his mother.

“The dream home was sold,” he said. “I moved into her tiny house and a doctor [said] that my heart was functioning at 25 percent. I had five years to live.”

Desperate to turn things around, he lost weight. The heart condition reversed itself. These days, Curtis resides in Phoenix and is penning his next book, about his exploits as a card cheat — and launching a sleight-of-hand website, He hasn’t talked to Maguire in about three years.

“I don’t have all my money back,” he said. “But I overcame the worst bad beat you can get and am still in the game.”

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Rose McGowan Wants To Return To ‘Scream’ & She Has A ‘Really Smart’ Idea For New Sequel

‘Scream’ star Rose McGowan went live on Instagram, and revealed her idea for a sequel to the iconic 90s horror flick.

Actress Rose McGowan, who found fame after her breakout role in Wes Craven’s 1996 horror flick Scream, has revealed she would be open to returning to the franchise. The 46-year-old, whose character suffers a gruesome death when she’s crushed by a garage door, spoke to our sister site IndieWire over Instagram Live while in quarantine amid the coronavirus outbreak. “Kevin Williamson wrote a pretty bulletproof script, and then Wes directed it beautifully, and part of directing… casting is such a huge component of it,” she said on the April 4 IG live session. “A lot of people since then don’t realize how important it is to have vibe with each other.” The film featured an A-list roster of actors including Courteney Cox, Matthew Lillard, Skeet Ulrich, and Drew Barrymore.

Rose went on to discuss her character Tatum Riley, and the original film’s legacy, which spawned four sequels and a TV series. A Scream reboot was also announced with Ready or Not directors Matthew Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett at the helm, and when asked for her take on a possible return to the series, she said, “That’s an interesting idea. I don’t want to act anymore. It’s not my thing. But I always thought Tatum should’ve had a twin that came back and was like ‘hell to the no,’ and had dark hair, and revenged her.”

The Charmed star added, “In a perfect world, I thought that would’ve actually been a really smart element. She could still do that. She could still have a twin that was maybe institutionalized and got out and is like, ‘It’s on.’ She could’ve been the family shame because the family was kind of perfect.” Although Rose isn’t acting right now, and is instead focusing her time on social causes, she revealed she would break her hiatus if invited back, “[Yes] I would play the sister who was institutionalized and who came out and wreaked havoc.” Our fingers are crossed!

She also told IndieWire, “It’s the kind of movie where people hand it down to their little brother or sister, and I think it’s a classic. I always think, when I listen to music, or [watch] movies, ‘Be careful kids, these are gonna be your classics.’ It’s a good one in the canon of film history, and it really did revive the horror show at that point, because it wasn’t a big thing at that point.” Here’s hoping the filmmakers invite Rose back to the franchise!

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Louis C.K. Drops Surprise Comedy Special For Those Who “Need To Laugh”

To the surprise of his fans, and detractors, comedian Louis C.K. dropped a new comedy special Saturday on his website.

The comedian said he released the comedy offering titled Sincerely C.K. for those who “need to laugh.” It’s available to download and stream for $7.99.

In a press announcement, the Louie star and creator referenced the coronavirus outbreak and said laughter helps when “things get shitty” or when people are facing difficult situations.

“I feel like there are two kinds of people in this world,” he said. “One kind needs to laugh when things get shitty. In fact, the shittier things get, the more serious, the more dark the more terrifying, the more dangerous and dire anything is, the more important it is to laugh in the midst of it and often directly in its face.”

He continued, “These people believe it’s no coincidence that human beings have survived despite our fragile hairless bodies, through the most difficult of times And that we are the only species, besides ladybugs, Who laugh at life.”

The controversial comedian has been out of the spotlight since 2017, when sexual harassment allegations against him began to surface.

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Hawaii Five-0 boss defends decision to go against fans with series finale shock ending – The Sun

HAWAII FIVE-O showrunner Peter M Lenkov has defended the show's controversial finale, insisting that he "knows the characters best".

In the episode, titled Aloha, Steve McGarrett finally takes down Daiyu Mei after learning of her motivation and then hops a plane to take a well-earned vacation.

Next to him, however, was a familiar face to fans – Catherine Rollins, played by Michelle Borth, who has regularly returned to the show for guests spot since leaving as a full-time member of the cast.

There was no announcement made prior to the episode airing, and many fans found her appearance jarring

"I could have listened to the fans and not brought her back!", Lenkov said to TVLine, "look, here's the thing: I know the characters best, in my opinion"

"I know people will say 'Well, I watched the show for 248 hours, I know them.' But I write them, so I know them pretty well."

He added: "And I felt that Catherine, like a good soldier, has always put God and country and her duty first and foremost, and there were decisions she had to make which were hard decisions that affected people that she loved, that have always come because of her soldier-first mentality.

"But I've always felt that she loved him. And I've always felt that there was something pulling her away that was not of her own control. I felt that his happiness has always been by her side."

He continued: "There's a little moment at the end, if you watch, where he turns in profile and he smiles. And it's the first time that you've really seen this man smile in a long time. Now, he smiles at jokes, but smiling at feeling good about the future is a different thing.

"I think that he could go off, find his peace, come back and end up in that chair [on the beach] with Danny, but maybe end up with a family, end up with other things that could complete him."

After 10 seasons, CBS’ Hawaii Five-0 came to an end on Friday with an action-packed series finale.

Alum Will Yun Lee, who played Sang Min from the first episode, opened up to The Sun about being part of the show's legacy and saying goodbye, with the 49-year-old actor sharing how much he “loved” being on that show and playing that “crazy character.”

He continued: “I don’t [get] to play a lot of comedic characters, so it was always a lot fun going to Hawaii and causing chaos with Sang Min.

“I have made life-lasting friendships on that show, and [am] truly grateful for the entire experience, especially how the show, crew, producers have always made me feel like family.”

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I’m having great sex with a colleague but she’s just revealed she’s in an open relationship – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I’M having great sex with a female colleague and enjoy spending time with her but she’s dropped the bombshell that she’s in an open, long-distance relationship with a guy in Singapore.

She is 29 and attractive and we have really good chemistry. I’m 31.

I was so happy with our relationship until she dropped this bombshell.

Her other man can’t visit her often – and not at all at the moment – but they FaceTime every day.

They have agreed on an open relationship where they can sleep with other people but he’s flying over to visit her as soon as it’s possible.

Do I continue to see her or break it off now to protect myself?

Get in touch with Deidre today

Got a problem?

My team and I are working safely from home but we are here to help you as always.

Send an email to [email protected]

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DEIDRE SAYS: At the moment you should be social distancing at work and not going to her place to have sex, as you risk passing on or catching the virus.

If she says she wants a casual thing then she probably means it and you stand to get hurt if you are properly falling for her.

Tell her she has to make a choice and you won’t have sex with her at least until the lockdown is over.

If she says the other guy is still the man she considers her real partner, best to break with her altogether or you will find staying casual more and more painful.

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Miley Cyrus Opens Up About Her Favorite Hit Single: 'By Now You Should Know I Can't Be Tamed'

Miley Cyrus is reflecting on her old music, asserting that much of what she wrote early on still relates to her feelings today.

The singer appeared on The Tonight Show: At Home Edition Friday, during which she spoke to host Jimmy Fallon about her previous albums and shared which songs are her favorite.

While answering several fan questions, the 27-year-old star shared that she’s been thinking about some of her old songs lately as she hasn’t released new songs.

“I was on my way to Australia to do a show for bushfire relief and I don’t have new music out so I really dug into the archives,” she told Fallon.

“I started singing like ‘7 Things’ and ‘See You Again’ and ‘Who Owns My Heart’ and ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ and then I realized that the idea that I’ve changed is really far off,” Cyrus explained.

While singing the lyrics to her early songs, the artist realized she hadn’t “changed at all” and instead “was totally warning people” of her shift in upcoming music.

“My first song ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ is like ‘I wanna fly, I wanna drive, I wanna go,’ and you know that I still really relate to songs like that,” she said. “I want to be a part of something that I don’t know and if you try to hold me back I’m bound to explode, by now you should know that I can’t be tamed.”

Cyrus noted that her lyrics were “telling y’all that something was about to happen, that I wasn’t Hannah Montana.”

“I really loved that record that I made, ‘Can’t Be Tamed,'” she said of her 2012 hit. “That’s one of my favorite songs.”

The singer has spent a lot of time reflecting while at home self-isolating, sharing her thoughts with her fans on her Instagram Live show, Bright Minded.

“I want to connect with people,” Cyrus told Fallon of why she wanted to start the show. “Kind of like your show, I’ll talk to pretty much anyone. I love to get to know someone.”

On Friday, Cyrus discussed the topic of mental health with Selena Gomez, who revealed she was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

The two former Disney Channel stars also discussed how they’ve been keeping anxiety at bay during the current crisis and the importance of staying connected.

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Tiger King’s Joe Exotic on Carole Baskin prison sentence: ‘I’m ashamed of myself’

Joe Exotic, who’s real name is Joseph Maldonado-Passage, 57, has admitted he is “ashamed” of himself for keeping wild animals locked up after always defending his actions for years. The 57-year-old is serving his 22-year sentence for plotting to murder animal rights activist, Carole Baskin, 58.

I’m ashamed of myself.

Joe Exotic

The Netflix star told Netflix from prison that he is “done” with his previous attitude towards animals and is “ashamed” of his behaviour.

He said in a video that was shared from Netflix’s Twitter account: “Go sit in a cage with your animals for a week.

“I mean, when I left the zoo and sent my chimpanzees to the sanctuary in Florida and imagined what my chimpanzees went through for 18 years, I’m ashamed of myself.”

The zoo owner then went on to express his thoughts on Carole Baskin, the animal rights activist who he “planned to murder”.


  • James Martin: Saturday Morning chef addresses marriage and kids regret

Joe continued: “I’m done with the Carole Baskin saga.

“It’s now time to turn the tables and Joe get out of jail a free man and exonerated from all these charges.”

The tiger breeder added: “You know it would be nice if I could actually see me being famous out there but I’ve seen these same four walls for a year and a half now.”

One fan and viewer of the documentary wrote in response: “Joe isn’t mentally ill, he’s just a person who got caught up in a messed up community.”

Another added: “#KeepJoeInJail – just because Carole’s issues are different, Jeff Lowe’s a crook, and other people cage and mistreat exotic animals, doesn’t make Joe innocent.”

Meanwhile, one said they “want to see what he’ll do” as they wrote: “I just want him out to see what he’ll do.

“I still believe Jeff pushed him to hire someone so that he’ll take the zoo.”

Joe is in prison for his 22-year sentence which he is pleading innocent, according to UniLad.

Matt Baker runs into trouble after attempting to leave house (INSTAGRAM)
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Brendan O’Carroll agony after sister Fiona dies (LATEST)

Tiger King is a Netflix documentary that follows the life of Joe Exotic, an owner of GW Exotic Animal Park in Oklahoma, where more than 1,200 animals are kept in captivity.

The Mirror reported there is a chance Joe had contracted coronavirus in prison and has been self-isolating, according to a report from prison.

This comes after some inmates at his previous prison tested positive for covid-19.

Joe’s fourth husband, Dillon Passage, 24, previously spoke out as he was concerned that Joe could potentially have the deadly bug, according to The Mirror.


  • Logan Williams: The Flash actor dies suddenly at 16 as mum speaks out

Dillon told Andy Cohen on his SiriusXM Radio Andy Show on Wednesday: “We speak like three to five times every day, but since he’s been moved to this new facility, they are putting him on a COVID-19 isolation because of the previous jail he was at, there were cases.”

“I’ve yet to speak to him since he moved.”

Dillon then confirmed that Joe “is in his own COVID-19 quarantine” as he said: “From what I know, yes. From what he told me.”

The publication revealed that TV station KFDX-TV first reported that Joe tested positive and had been transferred, however, they then corrected the report and said the star had been “transferred to quarantine”.

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Chrissy Teigen’s Tweets About ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Are A Full Mood

Animal Crossing has always been one of the most chill video games ever, but a festive new event has a lot of players losing their cool… including Chrissy Teigen. Ever since Animal Crossing: New Horizons was released on March 20, memes, jokes, and insights about the adorable game have taken over social media. One famous fan is Teigen. The model has been live-tweeting her play-through for a couple weeks now, and Chrissy Teigen’s tweets about Animal Crossing: New Horizons are such a wild ride because the run the gamut from sweet to straight-up violent.

Like so many people quarantining and practicing social distancing right now, Teigen jumped at the opportunity to get lost in Animal Crossing‘s newest release. As with past games in the two-decade Nintendo franchise, Animal Crossing: New Horizons gives players their own towns to build and manage, filled with cute animal residents and quaint activities like fishing and growing flowers. The relaxing, escapist game came at the perfect time for quarantined gamers, but a new update had Teigen fuming on Twitter.

To celebrate the beginning of spring, Animal Crossing: New Horizons introduced a special Bunny Day event on Wednesday, April 1. The event brought a yellow bunny named Zipper to players’ islands, who tasked players with hunting down a bunch of eggs he had hidden. Sounds pretty cute, right? Well, not really. Teigen, like many other players, soon discovered that there are a lot more eggs than necessary, and that as his name suggests, Zipper seems to be hiding a shady secret. It’s safe to say Teigen is not a fan of the bunny, writing that she wanted to throw him in the river.

Honestly, Teigen is far from alone in her sentiments. The Bunny Day event has been getting a ton of hate online from players, primarily because the endless amount of hidden eggs has become more annoying than exciting. The eggs will go away after the event ends on Sunday, April 12, though, so Teigen and any other annoyed gamers just have to stick out one more egg-filled week.

While Teigen has yet to actually show fans what her Animal Crossing island looks like, she’s shared a bit about her decorating aesthetic online. Apparently, Teigen isn’t a fan of crafting her own furniture, and prefers to keep her town very organized with specific rows of flowers.

Teigen also voiced her disinterest in visiting other players’ islands or inviting them to hers, saying she just prefers to hang out on her own.

She is also getting her daughter Luna into the game. Teigen said that she taught Luna how to do a few basic money-making tasks to help her out.

And of course, Twitter is also the best place to get answers when Teigen finds herself stuck or confused in the game.

It’s clear Teigen is a diehard Animal Crossing stan. She even posted about downloading the game right when it became available at midnight on March 20.

Expect Teigen to keep tweeting out her hilarious thoughts on Animal Crossing: New Horizons as she continues to play the game. I can’t wait to see how she’s going to react to Zipper’s return on April 12, because I’m sure she is going to have some more choice words about the bunny.

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Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom Revealed They’re Having A Girl In (Literally) The Sweetest Way

Katy Perry isn’t letting social distancing stop her from having a gender reveal event, or from sharing the big news with her social media followers. On Friday, April 3, Katy Perry revealed she’s expecting a baby girl with her fiancé Orlando Bloom in perhaps the sweetest way possible — literally, as the pop singer shared a photo of Bloom’s smiling face covered in pink-hued frosting on Instagram. Alongside the photo, Perry wrote simply, "it’s a girl," along with plenty of pink heart emojis, and added some excitement by changing her location to "Girls Run the World."

On March 5, the singer announced that she was expecting her first child via the music video for her single, "Never Worn White," in which she wears a white gown and cradles her growing baby bump. "Omg so glad I don’t have to suck it in anymore," Perry wrote on Twitter, before revealing to fans that she is due to give birth — to both her child and her next album — in the coming months.

"There’s a lot that will be happening this summer," Perry told fans during an Instagram Live after the video’s premiere, according to Hello! magazine. "Not only will I be giving birth, literally, but also figuratively to something you guys have been waiting for. So let’s just call it a double whammy. It’s a two-for."

According to Us Weekly, Perry and Bloom first met at the 2016 Golden Globes, where they formed a strong connection by sharing cheeseburgers at their table. The singer made their relationship social media official in May of that year, and on Valentine’s Day 2019, the actor popped the question with a ruby and diamond, flower-shaped engagement ring. "I said yes to a life of love and evolution," Perry wrote on Instagram, adding that there was "definitely never a dull moment" in their relationship.

During an 2019 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Perry revealed that Bloom actually proposed during a surprise helicopter ride and though it was "very sweet," it almost went horribly wrong for the actor. "We had champagne in the helicopter and the box was in his pocket, and he had written down everything he wanted to say in a note to divert. He was gonna pull [the ring] out while I was reading it," Perry told Jimmy Kimmel. However, the champagne bottle broke, so the singer watched her beau pull a "box that’s too big for his coat pocket" out and rip his jacket as he attempted to get ready for the proposal.

In February 2020, Perry told Stellar Magazine that she was more of a "bridechilla as opposed to a bridezilla, and that both she and Bloom were taking wedding planning seriously. "Orlando and I are united with our approach. It’s not about the party it’s about the coming together of people who will hold us accountable when things get really hard," she explained, adding that her she wants to celebrate that her fiancé "challenges [her] to be [her] best self."

The couple were reportedly planning to get married in Japan in a small ceremony early this summer, but in March, a source told People that Perry and Bloom had postponed their wedding due to concerns over the spread of COVID-19. "It was all set for Japan with 150 guests. Katy was actually really excited about walking down the aisle pregnant," the source told the outlet. "They were both so elated that all the wedding details were finally coming together, but they are hitting pause because of coronavirus."

Even if the couple will have to wait a little bit longer to tie the knot, it’s clear based on their gender reveal that Perry and Bloom are doing their best to celebrate their growing family with as much joy as possible.

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Channing Tatum & Jessie J Reportedly Split Up For The Second Time After Reconciling 3 Months Ago

Jessie J and on-again, off-again boyfriend Channing Tatum have reportedly broken up again after they reconciled in Jan. and he’s reportedly already active on a dating app to help him find new love.

It looks like the second time just wasn’t the right time for Jessie J, 32, and Channing Tatum, 39. The on-again, off-again lovebirds called it off again after reconciling after their first breakup in Jan., according to The Sun. Although the split was recent, the Magic Mike star is also reportedly already on the dating app Raya and looking to find a new lady love. “Jessie and Channing really care for each other. You only need to look at the gushing posts they made about each other during their relationship to see that,” a source told The Sun. “That’s why they wanted to give their romance another shot, but sadly it hasn’t worked out.”

Despite the unfortunate breakup, the good-looking duo both agreed it was time to move on to meet new possible love interests but they’re keeping the communication open. “The split was amicable and they’re still in contact,” the source explained. “They’re spending time apart and are open to meeting new people. But you shouldn’t bet against another reunion in the future.”

Although Jessie and Channing have yet to confirm another split, there was a hint that there may have been trouble in paradise when Channing, who is usually open about their relationship on social media, didn’t post a brithday message for Jessie’s birthday on Mar. 27. It was quite the contrast from the previous year when he posted a black and white photo of the “Price Tag” crooner along with a heartfelt message.“Wishing you the happiest day filled with all the love and all the light. You came into this world on this day and lit it on fire,” he wrote in the message. “You have blessed our eyes, our ears, our hearts and our lives. So thank you for just being you. You are so very special. Happy birthday Baby.”

Jessie and Channing first reconciled in Jan., two months after their first breakup in Nov. 2019. They first started dating in Oct. 2018.

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