Big Brother fans spot ‘secret feud’ that’s split house down the middle – and wasn’t aired on TV | The Sun

BIG Brother fans claim they've spotted a secret feud in unaired scenes.

The housemates have been separated into a three tier hierarchy as part of the first shopping task to win a luxury shopping budget.

At the top of the chain are Big Bros LTD bosses, the bigwigs:Yinrun, Trish and Henry.

In the middle are pen pushers Kerry, Paul, Matty, Zak and Jordan, while on the bottom rung are Jenkin, Dylan, Chanelle, Noky, Farida, Olivia, Tom and Hallie.

Within the set-up, fans think the contestants are filtering themselves into cliques with the bottoms and middles fracturing into groups.

In one, Tom, Zak and Hallie were heard saying they hoped they don’t get split up, implying they don't want to be with the others in their challenge classes.


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The current structure allows the big wigs to talk to the middles, but not the bottoms. They also have added privileges like being able to hold onto their duvets while the bottoms have thin blankets.

In keeping with the theme of the show, the challenge is inspired by George Orwell's seminal dystopian novel 1984, which the majority of the contestants weren't familiar with.

The drama didn't take long to arrive after Sunday's launch show.

Just 24 hours in, the cracks in housemate unity began to appear.

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On Monday, Farida said in the diary room: "There is just a few people that I haven't really connected with that much. I haven't really spoken to them that much.

"That's like Trisha and Henry, I haven't really spoken to him much -they got their own little clique I suppose.

"I really like Jordan, he's got a very dry sense of humour but not getting to spend much time with him.

"You might go over to him but they're all in their own little clique, which is fine."

Eariler in the episode Jordan and Henry didn't seem very keen about mixing with the others.

As they hid upstairs, Jordan said: “I don’t want to use all their cutlery. I am nervous about sitting around the whole table and having a family meal.”

As someone walked past, Henry shouted: “Get down, get down. I don’t want her to come up.”

Jordan added: “Let’s just stay up here all day and see if anyone even notices.”

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