Celebrity SAS worst-ever injuries – Michelle Heatons swamp eye to Matt Hancocks trenchfoot

Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins is an ultimate test for all of its contestants, but for some, their journey on the show had to end early as a result of major injury.

This season's contestants features the likes of former MP Matt Hancock, Love Island star Montana Brown, and TOWIE alumni James 'Arg' Argent, and Liberty X singer Michelle Heaton.

Here's all you need to know about Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins' injuries.

Michelle Heaton – Swamp eye

Michelle Heaton revealed a stomach-churning injury sustained while filming the latest series of Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins.

The former Liberty X singer took to Instagram to share a condition in her right eye caused by by "parasites found in extremely dirty water" which she contracted on the gruelling reality TV show.

"This is called 'swamp eye'," she said in a post showing her eye looking painful, red, watery and inflamed. "A year ago after returning from #saswhodareswins parasite’s found in extreme dirty water from the jungle, decided to return in my eye with me," she continued.

"They lived in there & found their new home for over 3 months. Unable to see properly. To this day my vision is still slightly blurred in my right eye."

Fatima Whitbread – three cracked ribs

Fatima, at the age of 61, the Olympian was the oldest contestant to have ever appeared on Celebrity SAS.

During one of the daring changes, she cracked three of her ribs after she jumped out of a helicopter into the sea.

Her injury caused her to pull out of the series and she later said that she didn't actually want to show how much pain she was in.

She told PA: “I can’t tell you the unbearable pain I was going through. As the days went by, the pain got worse. I couldn’t lay down properly or sit up properly. And it was just… moving about trying to get dressed, awful. Absolutely awful."

Jennifer Ellison – ruptured spleen, broke two ribs, and lung infection

During her time on our screens in the 2022 series, the former Brookside actress ruptured her spleen, broke two of her ribs, and contracted a lung infection, and called her time on the series "inhumane."

She explained to the Daily Star: “After I jumped from a helicopter, I hit my ribs and then I could feel a pain in my side.

“When I got back to the UK it was getting worse, so I went to A&E. They told me, ‘You’ve got broken ribs, blood in your lung and a bleeding spleen’. The infection in my lung was really nasty.”

She added that there were times that she worried she was dying.

“There were times when I worried about dying. It was the worst pain imaginable.”

Matt Hancock – blow to the face and trench foot

The former politician injured himself in scenes that are set to air on this year's instalment of the survival programme.

He was smacked in the face by a ball during a training session and developed trench foot.

Talking to The Sun, he said that it was like "nothing else I've ever experienced.'

“At the end I couldn’t walk, couldn’t stand up," he said.

“I was in a bit of a mess physically. Trench foot is an incredibly painful problem. It is like having blisters everywhere on your feet. They were red raw for a long time.”

He also claimed to have nearly quit the show after "having my rib broken" during the jungle part of the show.

Saira Khan – Broken ankle

One of the show's worst injuries yet was former Loose Women star Saira Khan's broken ankle.

The star required surgery as a result of the break, which happened in 2019 back when this series was filmed.

Speaking of her horrific accident, which happened as a result of a mud wrestle with co-star Ulrika Jonsson, the 51 year old said she "was in agony".

The tough TV star, who was determined to soldier on, carried on with her broken ankle for a whole day after sustaining the injury, saying adrenaline and shock kept her going to start with.

Speaking to the Scottish Hebrides, Saira said: "“I was waving that flag for women in their 50s to go, ‘Don’t write us off’.

“There was a chip on my shoulder, like, ‘I am not going to prove to you women can’t carry on if in pain. ‘F*** you, I’m going to keep doing it!’.

“It was painful… but the adrenaline and shock. Your body just takes over.”

Saira required ankle surgery and had a metal plate and nine pins inserted as a result.

The star's injury took six months to heal, but the busy mum cited the show as her “wake-up call” to quit Loose Women.

Jake Quickenden was forced to withdraw after rupturing his pectoral muscle and bicep during a freak accident in a speedboat challenge.

Jake Quickenden – Ruptured arm and chest muscles

Reality TV star-turned soap actor Jake Quickenden suffered horrendous injuries during his time on the show.

The 33 year old sustained an arm injury so bad that his tendons were torn straight off the bone.

After he tried to haul himself back onto a boat whilst out at sea, Jake's arm and pec injury meant he had to have four metal pins inserted to repair the damage.

He stated at the time that his whole arm went numb for 48 hours as a result.

Father of one Jake explained: "I ruptured my pec and my bicep, so the tendons were torn straight off the bone.

"I had to have them stretched back to my shoulder. I’ve got four pins in my shoulder now where they’re all back in place.”

It took the hunk a whopping five months in rehab to recover from the injury.

Shanaze Reade – broken shoulder

Motocross champion Shanaze Reade was also the victim of a painful injury during her stint on Celebrity SAS, and was gutted she had to leave.

The sporting star, 32, is used to getting injured due to the nature of her dangerous sport, and felt she was "short changed" after she was forced to leave the show.

“I was just devastated about that because for me breaking bones and stuff, I don’t care,” she said at the time.

“It’s been a part of my life with racing. I felt like I was short changed because I went out with injury. I was absolutely gutted.”

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