EastEnders fans fear cruel Nadine twist – including sinister link to Walford villain

Since first arriving on our screens earlier this week, EastEnders newcomer Nadine has left viewers more than a little intrigued, as she bears a striking resemblance to former Walford favourite Lola Pearce.

Introduced to fans on Monday, Nadine first made her soap debut as Jay Brown returned to Albert Square after a night of insomnia, something he has been plagued with since the loss of his wife Lola Pearce.

Lola sadly died in June after losing her fight with aggressive brain cancer, with Jay seen to be struggling in the wake of her death, however he seemed to be in better spirits on Monday’s visit to the show, when he ran into Nadine while out on a walk.

As the episode progressed, the couple bonded over a number of shared interests but it soon emerged that Nadine was an escort, something she had turned to in order to help fund her university education.

Dropping her off with a client at the end of the episode, Jay swiftly made his exit, but later sought her out to apologise on Tuesday’s visit to the Square, 19 September, before taking her out for a drink to The Albert.

After seemingly hitting it off, Nadine invited Jay back to her place where she attempted to seduce him, but ever the gentleman and still finding the sting of his grief, Jay politely declined.

It was then that Nadine made him a surprising business offer – she would happily sleep with him for a reduced price, if sleeping was all they did, rather than having sex, an arrangement Jay accepted.

Following the scenes, fans were quick to share their thoughts on the newcomer and how this storyline could play out, with several theories popping up among viewers, including one heartbreaking twist that could break Jay’s heart all over again.

Sinister Walford link

Since her debut earlier this week, fans have been quick to theorise that Nadine could be connected to one of Albert Square’s villains, especially given her profession.

Eagle eyed fans have theorised that Nadine could have history with Theo Hawthorne, who fans will recall had been making Stacey Slater’s life a living hell since he obsessively fell in love with her.

In just a few short weeks, Theo had become a high paying client of Stacey’s as she performed cam work and rapidly fallen for her charms, to the point of bordering on dangerously obsessive.

While lying to her face, Theo masqueraded as the perfect friend, while secretly breaking into her home, sending her unsolicited gifts and most recently, having cornered her in her own kitchen, while her teenage daughter was in labour!

Given we know that Theo already has form for stalking cam girls, could Nadine’s work as an escort make her a target for his advances? Or have they already crossed paths before?

Fans seem to think so, with one writing on social media: "So is new chick a cam girl or an escort? Cos if the former- is she involved with Theo? #EastEnders.”

All in the family

Another popular theory among fans, is that Nadine could share a connection to Lola Pearce herself, with many speculating that she could be the daughter of Emma Harding, Lola’s estranged mother.

The infamous character, as played by Patsy Kensit, returned to Walford this week, leading many fans to wonder if the appearances could be linked, especially as Nadine looks so much like Lola did.

Taking to social media, one person shared their thoughts as they said: "Do you think Nadine is Emma’s daughter? #EastEnders”.

A second fan also had the same theory, as they commented: "Nadine is either a figment of jay’s imagination or emma’s secret daughter (lola’s sister) #EastEnders.”

A family connection would no doubt make things complicated for Jay, should he find his relationship with Nadine becoming anything other than professional, while also opening a whole new can of worms for Lola’s daughter, Lexi, who would suddenly have a brand new aunt in her life.

Heartbreaking twist

While a connection to a known stalker, or potentially having a deadbeat mum may not seem like the better options to choose from, both theories are preferable to one devastating round of speculation gaining traction among fans.

In a heartbreaking twist, several viewers have begun to speculate that Nadine may not even be a real person, but instead a manifestation of Jay’s grief at having lost his beloved wife.

Taking to social media, one person said: "Nadine isn't real is she?…#EastEnders”.

A different account then added: ”Why do I feel like Nadine doesn’t actually exist and is a figment of Jay’s imagination caused by delusions because he isn’t sleeping #Eastenders”

A third then added: "Some people are speculating that Nadine is a figment of jays imagination as she only appears when no other main characters are present, and her clothes are almost identical to some of her previous outfits. not sure what to think personally #EastEnders.”

Although the theory may seem a little far fetched, it would be entirely plausible given the fact the show has already established that Jay hasn’t been sleeping.

This alone can, at extremes, cause hallucinations – and when coupled with grief could be a possible, even if heartbreaking twist to the story.

EastEnders continues Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer

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