Fears for Big Brother stars’ safety as fans work out ‘real reason’ live feed was cut – and think eviction will be AXED | The Sun

BIG Brother has been engulfed in a potential scandal as fans feared for the safety of the housemates.

Last the night live feed of the ITV2 house was sensationally cut, which led to intense speculation about the upcoming eviction.

On Big Brother Late and Live, host Will Best attempted to cut to live footage of the house.

At first he said that, "not much" was happening in the house as Jenkin and Tom were just standing patiently in the kitchen.

However, he noted that "Chanelle looks quite sad, she's just sort of sitting there."

However, raised voices could be heard in the house that said: "You're a bully, you've been attempting to bully."



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Big Brother live feed axed after HUGE row erupts and housemate is heard screaming

The voice continued to chant: "You are a bully! You are a bully! You are a bully and it's not fair."

As the audience gasped and reacted to what was being said, Will exclaimed: "Can you hear what they are saying? The word bully is being bandied about!"

This is as Dylan made his way into view as she walked slowly around the kitchen area whilst Yinrun went to get a snack off the table.

The studio panellists thought an argument did take place in the house as they took note of Chanelle's heavy breathing.

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After a peak of the encounter, the livestream played bird sounds and cut-away shots for an extended period of time to keep the drama under wraps.

But that didn't stop speculation from the fans, who thought that chair/ chairs were potentially thrown.

One fan took to social media site Reddit to repost the clip from the ITV2 spin-off show.

They wrote: "One thing to note, where are the chairs? I’ve seen a lot of c*** being thrown around.

"But I don’t know whether to be baffled, confused or scared at the missing chairs."

Fans continued to flock to the site in their droves as they feared there was even an ejection from the house.

They thought the possibility of a housemate disqualification which could lead to potential disruption or even the full cancellation of Friday's eviction.

One user wrote: "So ppl on twitter saying someone was ejected and tomorrow’s eviction is cancelled."

To which a second user replied: "Please not..We need eviction night! we need to see two baddies get booted out!

Another claimed: "Speculation that someone’s been ejected."

Some fans thought that the raised voice they heard in the apparent argument was Trish, as another fan took to a different thread.

They explained: "The live stream has just been stock footage and birdsong for the last 12 minutes.

"This is literally as bad as it gets. Has something serious happened, maybe the argument from earlier on with Trish has escalated?"

To which more viewers took to the comments section as they worried for the safety of their favourite housemates.

One viewer wrote: "I hope Trish & Noky are physically safe."

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Big Brother live feed axed after HUGE row erupts and housemate is heard screaming

As a second noted: "Yeah something's not right, a whole block of bird song I am use to, but whole block of stock footage… somethings up!"

The Sun has contacted reps for Big Brother and ITV

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