Goggleboxs Mary Killen almost flashes knickers as she attempts risky chair move

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    Gogglebox star Mary Killen has left fans stunned after she attempted a risky armchair move and almost exposed her knickers.

    Channel 4 viewers tuned into Friday’s episode of the hit TV show as Mary joined her husband, Giles Wood, on their famous armchairs to discuss the latest goings on in British telly. The scenes shows Giles warning Mary, saying: “no, don’t do that!” and she explains that she is just trying to get out or her chair by swinging backwards and using momentum to boost her up.

    But given that she was wearing a skirt, Mary kept falling back into her seat leaving her legs to flail up infront of her. “Mary almost giving us a flash of her Bloomers there…” said one fan, as another replied: “omg I know I was covering my eyes!”

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    “#gogglebox good job mary was wearing tights then we almost got a glimpse of her knickers,” penned a second while a third added: “it’s a family show mary!! I think? Lol”

    Married couple Giles Wood and Mary Killen have made regular appearances on the hit Channel 4 show since joining in series five in 2015. Since then, they have become some of viewers’ favourite cast members on the show, where everyday families and friendship groups watch the week’s biggest TV moments and offer their frank commentary.

    In an interview on BBC Radio Scotland’s The Afternoon Show, the couple shared some insight into the positive aspects of appearing on the programme. “I think we were able to pay off the mortgage,” Wood explained.

    An artist, Wood went on to note that the pair “kept quiet, very quiet” about their earnings, adding: “I leave all the paperwork to Mary because she’s more interested in the details of life. I take a broad brush approach to life.”

    He also said that, although “a lot of people” approach them in real life, it still comes as a surprise to be recognised by strangers. “I live such a quiet life that I’m constantly surprised that people recognise me,” Wood explained, adding: “It’s the same thing as when you used to go into a garage and see yourself on closed-circuit television. It’s a constant fascination to watch yourself on television.”

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