Heartbroken Real Full Monty fans in tears as Ashley Cain shares devastating pain after daughter's death | The Sun

ASHLEY Cain moved fans to tears after speaking about his beloved daughter Azaylia, who died of leukemia.

The former footballer is starring in The Real Full Monty which sees celebrities strip to raise money for cancer charities.

Ashley, 33, and his ex-partner Safiyya Vorajee tragically lost their daughter when she was just eight months old in 2021.

During a sit down dinner with the rest of the cast on the new ITV show, Ashley spoke from the heart about his grief.

Coleen Nolan, who was diagnosed with skin cancer and whose sisters Bernie, Anne and Linda were all diagnosed with cancer, asked Ashley: "How has this been for you? Has it been hard?"

"I'm erm, you know, a fighter today. I'm f****** angry. I'm angry, you know. Every single day that I wake up in the morning – I'm sad," he replied.

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"Every single day that I wake up in the morning, I'm in pain.

"I go through mega, extreme amounts of trauma, you know. Cancer took something from me that's way more important than my own life and I miss that little girl," he added, blinking back tears.

Paul Burrell, who was given the all-clear from prostate cancer last month, dabbed his eyes with a tissue.

"With everything in my heart and my body. I'm trying to do everything that I can do in my life to try and make a difference so other parents don't have to feel how I feel," Ashley continued.

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"And other kids don't have to go through what that little hero went through."

"This experience for me has bought back some of the times in the hopsital where I was feeling pain, and I was feeling sad, but I used to pick that little girl up and I used to dance with her all day to try and make her life a little bit better and in turn it made my life a little bit better."

Ashley has been sporting a long, bushy beard since the death of his daughter.

He explained that he was living at the hospital with Azaylia as it was during Coronavirus.

The football ace said that he was unable to get a haircut, so started growing his beard.

"My beard was growing and Azaylia was growing, she used to hold onto it.

"She used to pull me in with it, she used to roll her toes through it and it was our little connection and I just kind of thought, she's touched these very hairs on my face so I'm never going to cut them off."

By this point, there wasn't a dry eye at the table.

"And this beard is my strength and regardless to whether people like it or they don't, it's going to stay on my face and it's just a beautiful memory of the days that we used to laugh and we used to play."

He let out a little laugh, and said: "I think I'm quite fortunate that it suits me, because it ain't going anywhere."

Fans were touched by Ashley's bravery and vulnerability he showed on the programme.

"Ashley Cain’s story of his beard was moving; not cutting it because his daughter touched it & he will forever have that memory. I’ve lost count of things I kept because my brother saw it, touched it, remarked on it. Cancer is vile. But do what gets you through," one wrote.

"Cried all way through, but Ashley Cain and his beard and speech. Well full on ugly cry," another said.

"Ashley Cain broke my heart with his daughters story," a third wrote.

Ashley is set to become a dad for the second time with a woman he dated earlier this year, and who he has known since he was 18.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun on Sunday, he broke down in tears as he spoke of visiting his daughter’s grave to tell her that she was going to be a big sister.

Ashley said: “The first thing that I did was go down to Azaylia’s resting place to talk to her about it.

“I believe that was a huge part that has allowed me to feel positive about it. I feel like she was the main person that I needed to speak to and to get this thing off my chest.

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“After going to her resting place and speaking to her about it, I just had a feeling in my heart and in my soul that she was happy for me.

“She was happy that she had a little brother and it is now just someone else for her to watch over and protect in this world.”

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