Ricky Norwood's tribute to late EastEnders co-star amid 'epic' Fatboy return

Ricky Norwood has paid tribute to the late June Brown following after briefly stepping back into the world of EastEnders again.

The actor is best known for his role as Fatboy in the BBC One soap, who made a shock return from the dead during yesterday’s (August 29) episode.

The reprisal coincided with Cindy Beale’s (Michelle Collins) storyline. After coming across George Knight (Colin Salmon), Cindy sat down and explained her past, revealing that she had been living undercover as Rose Knight when they were together.

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A flashback sequence then aired, taking us to Spain in 2014 to learn why Cindy walked out on the family.

It was established that Cindy travelled to England from Marbella the day after Lucy Beale was murdered. Understandably, she was desperate to see Peter (played by Ben Hardy at the time) and failed to think about the danger she was putting herself in travelling all that way on her own.

Cindy eventually made it to Albert Square and hid behind the bushes as she watched a distraught Ian (Adam Woodyatt). Fortunately, Cindy was then found by her police handler Mary, who bundled her into a car.

Mary told Cindy that the gang she’s hiding from could’ve spotted her on her travels, and wouldn’t be allowed to return to the Knight family because of the risks.

As they chatted, Fatboy interrupted the characters and spoke to them through the window of the car.

In typical Fatboy fashion, he waffled on for quite a while but actually just wanted to know the time. The beloved character then headed off, leaving viewers stunned after seeing him again.

It was only a few months later that Fatboy ended up being killed off in a dark Christmas storyline, which featured Vincent Hubbard (Richard Blackwood) seeing the dead character after it was crushed in the boot of a car.

Because we didn’t actually see the body, some viewers believe that Fatboy could return in the future but for now, this small scene is certainly good enough.

Celebrating his brief return, Ricky Norwood wrote on Twitter:

‘Just wish Mrs B could of been there’, Ricky wrote.

So do we.

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