The Chase fans distracted by players unusual outfit – but some are swooning

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    The Chase fans were left distracted by a player’s bizarre outfit on Friday’s (November 3) installment of the ITV gameshow (November 3).

    Contestant Michelle, a councilwoman from Northampton, seemed to make a bold fashion statement on the episode, a re-run from 2021. It appeared she was wearing a lanyard around her neck, prompting fans on social media to ask if she was dressed for work.

    “Why’s she wearing a lanyard? Is she on a break from work,” one fan said on X, formerly Twitter. Another chimed in: “Michelle is too used to wearing her lanyard.” A third also penned: “Michelle is one of them people that do the Thursday big shop after work, still wearing her lanyard and work pass.”

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    But others were left swooning over the player. “Not sure what it is but I'm finding Michelle hot, “ said one, to which a fellow fan replied: “yep me too!”. Michelle impressed viewers when she landed £40k for the prize put, followed by Jacob who added another £7k.

    Player Andy was sent home leaving Allie to take on the chaser, Jenny The Vixen Ryan. Despite landing a respectable £7k in her cash builder round, she opted to take the minus-£17k offer – leaving fans at home fuming. “No way this woman just chose -£17,000 on the chase oh my god I feel sick have some shame,” blasted one fan on X.

    Another echoed: “Women on the #thechase just took -17.000 and got through with 5 steps in front of the chaser… . If I was in her team I'd not be very happy.”

    Despite adding a third to the final panel against Jenny, the trip only managed to score 14 questions correctly. This gave Jenny a chance to catch them as she soared to 14 correct answers with a whopping 41 seconds remaining.

    Many fans expressed their jubilation at the result, believing that Ellie didn’t deserve to win any money at all but felt bad for the other two players.

    “Minus 17k on #TheChase gutted for the other 2 but pleased she got f*ck all,” one fan blasted on X.

    Another chimed in: “Dont usually cheer for the Chaser #thechase tonight was one of those times.” A third also added: “Feel sorry for Michelle and Jacob .. but .. I’m still rocking in my chair at minus 17k … All I can say is .. thank gawd it’s Friday!! I have the weekend to try to forget this episode …”

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