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SEVERAL fates are hanging by a thread in tonight's trip to the eponymous Dales.

And with Emmerdale viewers at the edge of their seats, here are our theories on who could be on their way out of the ITV soap.

Chloe Harris

Probability: 50%

Super Soap Week continues to night (Wednesday, October 11, 2023) and soap fans are eager to know what's next in store for villagers.

Tuesday's episode of the Yorkshire-based drama ended in a literal cliff-hanger as Jessie Elland's Chloe Harris was left in a car dangerously balancing on the edge of a cliff.

The young mother of Reuben Harris had been trying to get revenge on both Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) and her fiancé Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb), after finding out they had slept together behind her back.

Chloe has had doubts about Mack's ability to commit to her due to the lingering chemistry between him and his estranged wife Charity.

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But just as she was planning to leave the pair stranded in the middle of nowhere, another car crashed into their vehicle and the trio were left in a precarious position, as mentioned above.

Viewers have been expecting Chloe to be killed off ever since the car stunt was initially teased earlier this year, as they are convinced Mackenzie and Charity will be brought back together.

Speaking of which…

Charity Dingle

Probability: 50%

Charity Dingle is trapped in the same car as Chloe Harris, making her the second most susceptible villager to die this week.

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The Woolpack owner was lured into Chloe and Mackenzie's car after the former found her outside the village and offered her a lift.

In recent months, Charity ended her marriage with Mackenzie Boyd as she learned he was the father of Chloe's son Reuben.

The tot was conceived during a one night stand as, due to a miscommunication around the topic of children, Mackenzie believed his relationship with Charity was over.

Mack kept quiet about his night with Chloe, even after finding out she was pregnant with his baby.

Charity only found out about Reuben's parentage as he was recovering from bacterial meningitis.

At the time, she caught Mack and Chloe together and Charity heard her other half being called the baby's father.

She finally put two and two together and, despite Mack's pleas to not give up on their marriage, Charity demanded a divorce.

Mack fought hard to win her back but was forced to give up as Chloe demanded more commitment from him and Charity appeared to move on from him by sleeping with her cousin Caleb Milligan.

Many viewers believe it's highly unlikely Charity will die any time soon, particularly as it's clear to them Mack still harbours feelings for her.

Could they be wrong?

Mackenzie Boyd

Probability: 40%

Tuesday's Emmerdale instalment ended with a shot of Mackenzie's hand grabbing another, hinting that only one of the women had been saved before it was too late.

Fans believe they know who will come out of the car wreck alive while Matty Barton actor Ash Palmisciano teased an explosive twist in the car stunt.

Could Mackenzie be dragged down himself as he tries to save Charity and Chloe?

Another theory emerged online according to which the car crash could have been caused by someone looking to get rid of Mackenzie.

In recent scenes of the long-running program, Amy Wyatt (Natalie Ann Jamieson) issued a chilling threat after finding out that Mackenzie was engaged to her sister Chloe.

Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) has also warned Mackenzie about his behaviour, particularly as she knows he slept with her cousin Charity.

Amy Wyatt has shown she is capable of murder in the past while Chas Dingle is known for her fiery temperament.

Could either or both women have figured something out to get rid of Mackenzie, tired of the drama he has caused?

Could it have backfired on them miserably?

Chas Dingle

Probability: 60%

Chas herself is in danger this week as she has grown closer to a man she knows as Simon.

However, unbeknownst to her, "Simon" is none other than a pseudonym for local criminal Harry.

Chas has been feeling lonely since splitting up with her former husband Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt).

The village vet put an end to his marriage with Chas after finding out she had been having an affair with the late Al Chapman.

Since calling it quits, Chas has remained single, watching Paddy struggle with his mental health and eventually moving on with former flame Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley).

Chas recently shared a drink with "Simon", unaware of his true identity, before bringing him home with her and allowing him to sleep on her sofa.

But just as she gives love another chance, could Chas be putting her life in danger?


Probability: 80%

Played by Robert Beck, Harry made his first Emmerdale appearance in early August, 2023, just as Nate Robinson was trying to make some extra cash.

It all began when Longbrook Private Hire manager Corey Sanderson tasked Nate with being Harry's chauffeur.

In more recent scenes, Harry demanded Caleb Milligan hid guns for him and, when the latter refused, he beat him to a pulp.

As mentioned above, Harry has picked Chas as a target, taking on the name Simon.

But after testing Caleb and Cain's patience, Harry is another character potentially being killed off this week, particularly as the iconic Dales tough man is known to be capable of the worst.

Craig Reed

Probability: 90%

Fan favourite Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick) was raped by her childhood sweetheart Craig Reed (Ben Addis) in devastating scenes.

The businessman has tried to keep Lydia quiet and gaslighted her to believe she had given him consent before he threw himself on her.

Unable to cope with the ordeal, Lydia has been keeping quiet for several weeks – until Kim Tate (Claire King) finally ripped the truth out of her before offering her support.

This week, the beloved cleaner will be opening up to her family after being accused of having an affair with Craig.

And with her husband Sam (James Hooton) being Cain Dingle's half-brother, it's highly likely he could try and come up with a plan to make Craig pay.

As mentioned above, Cain isn't one to shy away from any confrontation and with Craig being less powerful than gangster Harry, the CEO is highly likely to pay for the attack with his life.

Moreover, fans believe Kim Tate may be the one to avenge Lydia as she is also known for her propensity for murder.

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Could Cain and Kim, who have been long-term foes, team up to help Lydia?

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

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