Princess Kate still doesnt know how to exit a car without flashing people

Here are more photos of the Princess of Wales on Tuesday, for the official welcome ceremonies for South Korea’s president and first lady. Predictably, Kate made sure to exit the car with her skirt up around her thighs. It’s actually been a while since Kate had a major flashing episode, but her exhibitionist streak always comes out when she’s feeling ignored or she wants William’s attention. It might have worked – inside the palace, William and Kate joined King Charles and Camilla for a viewing of Korean art or Korean-inspired art in the Royal Collection. We’re never supposed to ask how the Royal Collection has so many African and Asian paintings, jewels, drawings, sculptures and objets d’art. Anyway, at the viewing, William put his hand on Kate’s back and she returned the gesture.

— Rebecca English (@RE_DailyMail) November 21, 2023

It’s fine. I’m actually surprised that she didn’t grope his ass in the middle of the diplomatic engagement. She did “joke” about wanting to do karaoke in South Korea though:

Kate Middleton has joked with South Korea’s foreign minister that she wants to set up a karaoke date should she and Prince William visit the country on a state visit in the future. The Prince and Princess of Wales were heard speaking with Park Jin about a possible visit to the country as dignitaries from the east Asian nation made the first incoming state visit to the UK since the King’s coronation.

While looking at pictures and gifts from Queen Elizabeth’s first visit to South Korea in 1999, the prince said: ‘I’ll put it in the diary’. Kate chipped in: ‘And karaoke!’

[From The Daily Mail]

What’s actually funny about this is that Kate probably won’t travel anymore. Her husband does not want her around, especially on foreign tours. If a South Korean trip ever gets booked, five years from now, I guarantee that Louis or Charlotte will have an important test to take and they’ll need their mother around.

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