Antiques Roadshow expert issues warning after valuation of clock worth thousands

Antiques Roadshow: Guest will ‘service’ his clock after valuation

An Antiques Roadshow expert has issued a warning to a guest after valuing a clock worth thousands.

Expert Richard Price was seen examining a carriage clock in an episode but warned the guest that he would not get the £4,000 valuation price unless the clock was serviced.

He said: “You’ve got to think of it like your car, you know you wouldn’t leap into your car after 10 years without having it serviced and expect to get to Scotland and back.

“It’s not going to happen, same with this, it needs a little TLC.”

When Richard began valuing the carriage clock, he asked the gentleman if he had the original travelling case with it, but unfortunately, he did not.

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He admitted that he inherited the valuable from his late aunt five years ago and unfortunately the case was not with it.

“Do you have it running at home?” Richard asked to which the guest responded: “It strikes but it doesn’t run I’m afraid.”

It was explained that it was the beautiful multi-colours enamelling on the columns and the surfacing that made the clock stand out.

“I would have hoped that the dial plate might have been enamel but it obviously never was and the Arabic rather than the Roman numerals are a slight giveaway that it’s a later clock,” Richard explained.

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The clock owner revealed he had no idea about the date but divulged: “My aunt was a PA to a lieutenant colonel and I believe the clock was his grandmother’s.”

Richard opened the back door of the clock and revealed it had a good striking mechanism and the valuable was made in France in the early 1900s.

Richard concluded his valuation and said: “It’s going to be retailing, when it’s cleaned and overhauled for just over £4,000.

“Oh, that’s nice to know. That is nice,” the antique owner expressed and made sure to tell Richard, “We’ll get it serviced.”

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