Emmerdale Reuben’s real dad ‘exposed’ as fans rumble Chloe Harris cheating twist

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    Emmerdale fans may have finally rumbled the true identity of Reuben’s real father – after becoming convinced that his mum Chloe Harris has been lying to fiancé Mackenzie Boyd about his parentage.

    The young couple welcomed Reuben earlier this year after Mack cheated on his wife Charity Dingle with Chloe, and later sealed the deal by getting engaged. Another pregnancy scare later, and fans are sure Chloe has been lying to Mack to keep him at her side.

    And now, with the emergence of a newcomer to the village, they’re sure they know who Reuben’s real daddy is.

    Newcomer Harry – giving his name as Simon – has romped with Chas at the pub, giving her ex Paddy a rude awakening after he walked in on them the next morning, with Chas still in her pyjamas. After losing it with his ex, Paddy stormed out – and Harry was forced to awkwardly leave the back way.

    But with Harry keen to sleep his way around the village, some fans are sure that he might have had his wicked way with someone else – Chloe. Taking to X – formerly known as Twitter – one fan suggested: “Guessing this Harry guy in #Emmerdale is gonna be Reuben's dad? As everyone is saying he's not Mack’s…”

    Someone else agreed: “My gut feeling is that Reuben will become ill, needing a kidney or something and Mack will be tested as a possible donor and then he'll discover he's not Reuben's dad. Sounds like a plan, to me!”

    While a third fan replied: "Yeah I actually think this would be a good twist, it’s obviously not Mack’s especially with Chloe trying to get pregnant again so soon."

    However, others are convinced that the new villain – who becomes involved in a complicated row with Caleb and Cain – is actually Chloe’s dad, not her baby daddy.

    One argued: "This Harry is obviously Chloe’s dad ain’t he #Emmerdale.” While somebody else suggested: "#Emmerdale He's definitely what's her name's dad. I think.. Maybe.. You know, her that's with Mack.”

    Another simply echoed: "Chloe's dad I think." As a fourth social media user pondered: "Did they ever do a storyline about Chloe's scary dad, or did that just get completely ignored?"

    'Simon' and Chas romped after the pub landlady was left devastated on the fifth anniversary of her baby daughter Grace's death – and was handed another huge blow on Tuesday night (October 3).

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    Paddy informed Chas that Eve wants to move in with him and Mandy, leaving her devastated. She leaned on her brother Caleb for support, but with the revelation that Mandy suffered a miscarriage, Chas was left gobsmacked.

    "It left her infertile," Paddy confessed to his ex-wife, who was clearly distraught at having upset her. Later, the distress caused Chas to run back into the villain's arms, admitting: "I'd really like to see you again. I don't know when, but soon?"

    "I'm really looking forward to it," the new villain promised – clearly intending to wreak some more havoc on the small village. 

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