Megan Barton Hanson shares steamy balcony kiss with Love Island Games co-star

Love Island Games star Megan Barton Hanson locked lips with her co-star Kyra Green in the latest episode of the show.

Sparks flew after the latest coupling as the newly-coupled pair headed up to the balcony to talk about their romance. Talking about Kyra's coupling-up speech, Megan said: "You know when you were saying your speech, I was thinking it was so cute and it better be me."

Kyra replied and said: "We were vibing for sure and I didn't know if all the flirting and s*** was there you know. But I'm happy that you were happy about it because I was f****** nervous."

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Megan said: "Were you? You didn't show it at all!", to which Kyra replied: "You don't either!" She went on to admit that she does have a "poker-face" to which Megan agreed and said: "Yeah you do, you're like so calm and collected."

Kyra then asked: "How do you feel going into the games and all that?". Megan responded: "I feel confident and I'm super competitive and I'm like, stubborn, so I won't give up."

Kyra asked Megan: "Are you good with general knowledge and s***? Because that's where I lack." Megan explained: Yeah I would say general knowledge is pretty good. I'm such a geek – my friends and I, if we're like bored or something on a Wednesday night we'll do like a pub quiz or something."

Kyra cheekily said: "So, you're like a hot geek? Wow, I've won the lottery. She's beautiful and she's smart. Let's go!" Megan flitily replied: "What do you want to do?" And Kyra said: "I want to kiss you." They then shared a steamy kiss.

Kyra appeared on Love Island USA season one She had a a romantic relationship with Cashel Barnett and the pair coupled up. Kyra had her head turned by Eric Hall later on but ultimately regretted her choice and finished the series with Cashel.

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Megan appeared on Love Island UK and coupled up with Wes Nelson, leaving co star Laura Anderson heartbroken. The pair broke up in January 2019.

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