The Yorkshire Vet’s Matt on the simple veterinary technique that works on new baby

Matt and Katherine Jackson-Smith have welcomed their first daughter – Anastasia Maria. But the couple already know a thing or two when it comes to caring and looking after someone.

Matt is best known for his appearances on hit Channel 5 show The Yorkshire Vet, and he and Katherine share a dog named Harry, a snake called Storm, and Dennis the bearded dragon.

And now the 34-year-old has revealed he's going to use some of his veterinary techniques when it comes to looking after Anastasia, particular when it comes to feeding.

"If a baby is crying, whether it’s a human or an animal, they’re either hungry or tired," Matt explained. "I can tell if a lamb or calf is hungry by sticking my finger in its mouth. If they start sucking, then they are. I tried it out on Anastasia one night and it worked.

The TV personality, who married Katherine in a beautiful ceremony in front of friends and family last year, exclusively told OK! that he might also need a helping hand when it comes to dirty nappies.

"I’m also thinking about wearing my arm-length gloves to change nappies. Once Anastasia was finishing a bottle and I could see her nappy starting to soak through the babygrow.

"I had to make a split-second decision – do I lay her down, change her, and deal with the fact she might be sick?," he laughed while taking it all in his stride. "Or do I burp her and grin and bear the s**t? I’ve spent a lot of time sitting in s**t, so that was the best option."

Anastasia was born at 2.21pm on 25 October via a planned C-section, weighing 7lb 9oz. She has already settled into their rural home near Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

When OK! exclusively meets the adorable newborn, she is nestled in her mum’s arms and soon falls asleep.

“We feel like everything has changed in a short space of time, but in the same sense it feels like she’s always been a part of us. She’s slotted into our lives perfectly,” Matt said.

"It’s been a shock to the system but they say the best things in life don’t come easy. She’s got an amazing personality and each day is trying to open her eyes a little bit more. We’ve noticed she’s got my nose and Katherine’s lips."

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