MIC viewers support Maeva DAscanio as she uninvites awful Sam Prince to her wedding

Made In Chelsea viewers rushed to support Maeva D'Ascanio after Monday’s episode, when she decided to uninvite one of her cast members from her wedding to James Taylor.

In the latest episode on Monday, 16 October, the French-born reality star announced that she was taking back her invitation to Sam Prince, due to his recent actions on Made In Chelsea: Corsica.

The summer series of the show saw Sam and his ex-girlfriend Inga break up, before he quickly moved on to dating her friend Yasmine Zweegers. Sam confessed to Yasmin that he had been having feelings for her, while he was in a relationship with Inga.

In one of the most arguably dramatic dinner scenes in a long time, Sam and Yasmin broke the news of their new relationship to Inga, which saw many of Sam and Yasmin’s close friends turn against them.

The shock dinner party at the end of the series left a lot of the drama left up in the air. After MIC returned to E4 earlier this month, the drama continued exactly where it left off and saw James and Maeva confront Sam for his behaviour. After the dinner, once Sam had left, Maeva told James she wanted to disinvite Sam from their wedding.

Maeva said: “This guy is not coming to our wedding, he is not invited because what he did is absolutely awful. He’s not going to drink my f*cking champagne, he’s not going to eat my cake, he’s not coming”.

James attempted to reason with Maeva and said: “In France it might be different, but in England when you invite someone to a wedding you can’t disinvite them because of their behaviour.”

However, Maeva, who is known to get her own way, stood strong in her views and said: “When someone does something that awful, yes you do”.

Viewers immediately showed their support for the bride to be online as one penned: “I agree with her, why would you want that childish behaviour around your family. He's always taking the piss”, while another said: “I love that Maeva has clearly defined boundaries and doesn’t just go along to get along”.

Another viewer added: “Yeeees maeva!!!!! Only bloody one with any morals”, while another said: “I'm with Maeva. I wouldn't want anyone at my wedding I didn't like. In my wedding photos?? Hell no.”

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