Sam Aston remembers Coronation Street’s Schmeichel as he celebrates 20 years

As he celebrates 20 years in Wetherfield, Coronation Street's Sam Aston reflected on his favourite memories of playing Chesney Brown on the Cobbles.

Sam made his debut on the show in 2003 at the age of just 10.

And one of his key highlights of his two decades on the soap is working with Chesney's beloved Great Dane, Schmeichel.

Speaking to OK!, Sam, now 30, said: "Probably my favourite memories are definitely getting Schmeichel as a young child, because I was desperate for a dog. I was given this Great Dane in the show and we had lots of scenes and fun together. So that's got to be one of my highlights."

Sam added that he's "very lucky" to have had such a long career on Corrie and feels "incredibly blessed to be there."

Corrie's Sam Aston‘s wife Briony pregnant and gender reveal – ‘We lost a twin – it’s bittersweet’

He said: "All my big milestones so far in life, Corrie's been there. It's been a huge part of my life.

"For anyone who's a fan of Corrie, or Chesney, thank you very much, I appreciate the support."

As well as chatting us through his show highlights, Sam and his wife Briony, 28, have some exciting news to share – they're expecting another baby – a sibling for three-year-old Sonny and 18-month-old Daisy.

However, the couple tell us that they received some heartbreaking news during an early scan – Briony had initially been pregnant with twins but sadly lost one of the babies.

Briony, who is a trainee midwife and pregnant with a baby girl, told us: “It was very bittersweet – that’s exactly how I’d word it.

“We were excited and thankful, because we always wanted a baby that was healthy. Then we started thinking, ‘We could have had two… Will the living twin always wonder, “What if?” and ‘Will they feel lonely?’ We found ourselves questioning what could have been, while feeling grateful for what we’ve got.”

Sam added: “At first, you’re thinking, ‘What would it have been like to have twins? Would we have had one of each, a boy and a girl?’ Like Briony says, it’s definitely bittersweet, but we just feel very grateful that the other baby is absolutely fine.”

After an anxious few weeks’ wait, Briony had a 12-week scan ahead of our photo shoot and thankfully the surviving baby appears healthy.

“I think Briony breathed a big sigh of relief after her 12-week scan,” Sam said. “Just knowing that there was a strong heartbeat and the baby was moving while the scan was being done… That really reassured her.”

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